Who We Are

KIS Nation, head-quartered in Savannah, GA. is the brain-child of life style consultant Ms. Monica and event director Mike Mays.

"Having managed world tours, and large scale live events, We are now primarily off the road but remain at your service"

Attracted to Savannah’s obvious charm & booming film/food service industries a decade ago, we are now uniquely well positioned to personally care for you and yours throughout your stay in Costal SC/GA.

The Café

Truly “foodies” we have designed a mobile kitchen that is not only multi-configurable, but small enough to get in & out, fast & discrete.


Why Choose Us

Our traditionally service oriented staff is dedicated to provide every client with the same standard of excellence. You can expect us to take all the time you need to plan, execute elegantly, and inter-phase seamlessly with you and your team.